f1 caricatures/Trumps game

I was inspired to create this image during the 2014 F1 season which was noteable as the first year of the  Hamilton vs Rosberg championship rivalry. It was an amazing year which unfortunately did include major saddness with the passing of Jules Bianchi.  I considered not continuing with the image at the time but later came back to it. The image includes all of the drivers who competed on a race day during the 2014 season, including Jules, which feels absolutely right.

This image lead me to create images of other drivers, particularly the historic champions, which lead me to create F1 TRUMPS!

F1 Image

Jenson Button

Fernando Alonso

Nigel Mansell

Niki Lauda

Juan Manuel Fangio

F1 TRUMPS is a trumps game based on the stats of F1 drivers from the past and the present. Going as far back as the great Juan Manuel Fangio and coming right up to date with stars such as future champion Max Verstappen.

The Game is fun,very simple and easy to play, just click on "NEW GAME" and choose the statistic that you think trump the same stat on your opponents next card. If your chosen staistic is higher than your opponents, you win the hand and receive one of their cards however if the statistics are equal your opponent will win the hand and take one of your cards. In cases where the stats are equal, the player who chose the stat will lose a card and the choice will to the winner of that turn. Keep going till all the cards are yours and you'll be a winner!

This game has been made by adapting the genius trumps code created by Chris Puncher. You can visit him here